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Stockton Campus Map

Get a detailed Acrobat version of the map in a new browser window [143K]. Scroll down for the Campus Buildings and Facilities Locations.

Click for detailed Acrobat version of the map in a new browser window [143K]

Campus Buildings and Facilities Locations

Alex G. Spanos Center (I,2)
Albright Auditorium (Wendell Phillips Center: H,6)
Alpha Phi (E,8)
Amos Alonzo Stagg Memorial Stadium (G,1)
Anderson Hall (G,8)
—1st floor: President’s Office, Presidents Room, Regents Dining Room, Engineering Lab, PacificCard office
—2nd floor: Provost’s Office, Engineering Anderson Lawn (G,8)
Anderson Y (G,11)
Aquatics Center (H,2)
Art Center, Jeannette Powell (K,4)
ASUOP Office (McCaffrey Center: F,7)
Atchley Clock Tower (I,6)
Bannister Hall (F,6)
—1st floor: SUCCESS, Education Resource Center, Supportive and Disabled Services, CIP/Multicultural Affairs
—2nd floor: Residential Life & Housing
Baun Hall (F,7)
Baun Fitness Center (E,6)
Bechtel International Center (F,5)
Benerd School of Education (H,6)
Biology Lab (J,5)
Bookstore (McCaffrey Center: F,7)
Box Office (Long Theatre: I,5)
Brandenburger Welcome Center (Burns Tower lobby: G,10)
Brookside Hall (B,6)
Brookside Playing Field (D,3)
Buck Hall (G,10)
Burns Tower, Robert E. (G,10)
Business, Eberhardt School of (Weber Hall: F,9)
Callison Dining Hall (G,5)
Career and Internship Center (Hand Hall: E,7))
Carter House (F,5)
Casa Jackson (G,5)
Casa Werner (H,5)
Center for Professional and Continuing Education (Burns Tower: G,10)
Central Receiving (C,4)
Chapel, Morris (E,10)
Chemistry Laboratory (K,6)
Classroom Building (K,6)
Colliver Hall (Morris Chapel: E,10)
Common Room, Raymond (H,5)
Communication Arts (J,4)
Community Involvement Program (Bannister Hall: F,6)
Computer Science Dept. (J,3)
Conservatory of Music (H,10)
Copy Center (Duplicating: C,4)
Counseling Center (Cowell Health Center: B,5)
Cowell Wellness Center (B,5)
—1st floor: Public Safety
—2nd floor: Counseling Center, Student Wellness Center
Dance Studio (J,5)
Delta Delta Delta (D,10)
Delta Gamma (E,9)
Delta Upsilon (E,7)
DeMarcus Brown Studio Theatre (J,5)
Dental Clinic (HSLC: B,7)
Dining and Catering Services (Grace Covell Hall, F,9)
Drama & Dance Building (J,5)
Duplicating Services (C,4)
Eberhardt School of Business (Weber Hall: F,9)
Education, Gladys L. Benerd School of (H,6)
Educational Resource Center (Bannister Hall: F,6)
Eiselen House (F,4)Elbert Covell Dining Hall (G,5)
Engineering and Computer Sciences, School of (Baun Hall: F,7) Buildings:
—Anderson Hall (G,8)
—Baun Hall (F,7)
—Computer Science Building (J,3)
—Hydraulics Laboratory (F,7)
—Khoury Hall (G,7)
Farley House (H,4)
Faye Spanos Concert Hall (Conservatory: H,10)
Field House (F,2)
Finance Center (F,7)
Fitness Center, Baun (F,6)
Food Service (McCaffrey Center: F,7)
Fluids Building (Hydraulics Labortory: F,7)
Gardemeyer Field, Alan & Olive (A,5)
Geosciences Center (K,4)
Grace Covell Hall (F,9)
Graduate Studies (Knoles Hall: F,8)
Grocery, Tiger(McCaffrey Center: F,7)
Gymnasium, Main (F,6)
Gymnasium, South Campus (I,3)
Hand Hall (E,8)
—1st Floor: Student Life, Career Resource Center
—2nd Floor: Marketing & University Relations,
University Advancement, Corporate &
Foundation Relations, Planned Giving, Annual Giving
—3rd Floor: Alumni & Parent Relations, Advancement Services & Research
Hand Hall Lawn (E,7)
Head Start, Sandra Anselmo Center (J,3)
Health Sciences Learning Center (B,7)
Health Services, Student (B,5)
Humanities Center (Southwest Hall: G,7)
Human Resources (G,6)
Hydraulics Laboratory (Hydro Lab: F,7)
Information Technology (H,6)
Instructional Media Services (Library: H,8)
International Programs & Services (Bechtel Center: G,5)
International Studies, School of (George Wilson Hall: F,5)
Jeanette Powell Art Center (K,4)
Jessie Ballantyne Hall (G,5)
John Ballantyne Hall (F,5)
Judicial Affairs (Raymond Lodge, H,5)
Kappa Alpha Theta (D,9)
Kappa Psi (H,11)
Khoury Hall (G,7)
Kjeldsen Pool (H,2)
Knoles Field (G,3)
Knoles Hall (F,8)
—1st floor: Admissions, Registrar, Financial Aid
—2nd floor: Graduate Studies & Research, Classrooms
—3rd floor: Planning & Research, Classrooms
Knoles Lawn (F,9)
Learning Resources Center (Benerd School of
Education: H,6)
Library, William Knox Holt Memorial (G,9)
—1st Floor: Holt Atherton Special Collections
—2nd Floor: Main Library, conference rooms
—3rd Floor: Library, Music AV
—4th Floor: Dean’s office, ETS Project Studio
Long Theatre, Thomas J. (I,4)

Mail Center (D,4)
Main Gymnasium (F,5)
Manor Hall (H,11)
McCaffrey Center (F,7-8)
—1st floor: Bookstore, Director’s Office, Student Lounge, Tiger Grocery, Pacific Theatre
—2nd floor: ASUOP, Pine & Spruce Rooms, Redwood Room, Summit, Student Package Center McCaffrey Grove (I,4)
McConchie Hall (H,11)
Monagan Hall (B,6)
Morris Chapel (E,10)
Muir Center for Regional Studies (Wendell Phillips Center: (H,6)
Music Buildings:
—Buck Hall (G,10)
—Faye Spanos Concert Hall (H,10)
—Owen Hall (F,6)
—Recital Hall (G, 9)
—Rehearsal Hall (H,9)
Olson Hall (K,5)
Pacific Club (G,2)
Pacific Intercollegiate Athletics Center (J,2)
Pacifican (South/West: H,8)
PacificCard Office (Anderson Hall: G,8)
Pharmacy and Health Sciences, Thomas J. Long School of (B,9)
Phi Delta Chi (G,11)
Phi Delta Theta (E,2)
Physical Plant (C,4)
Physical Therapy (Rotunda: B,8)
Pi Kappa Alpha (F, 10)
President’s Office (Anderson Hall: G,8)
President’s Residence (E,10)
Presidents Room (Anderson Hall: G,8)
Price House (H,4)
Psychology Building (J,4)
Public Safety (Cowell Wellness Center: C,5)
Purchasing (Owen Hall: F,6)
Quad Dining Complex (Elbert Covell/Raymond Great Hall: G,5)
Quad Lawn (F,4)
Raney Recreation Area (E,6)
Raymond Great Hall (G,5)
Raymond Lodge (H,5)
Recital Hall (G,9)
Redwood Grove (F,7)
Redwood Room (McCaffrey Center: F,7)
Regents Dining Room (Anderson Hall: G,8)
Rehearsal Hall (H,9)
Reynolds Art Gallery (Geosciences Center: K,4)
Ritter House (G,4)
Rotunda (B,8)
Sears Hall (Morris Chapel: E,10)
Sigma Chi (E,8)
Simoni Softball Field (G,3)
South Campus Gym (I,3)
South/West Hall (H,8)
South/West Lawn (G,7)
Spanos Center, Alex G. (I,3)
Spanos Concert Hall, Faye (Conservatory: H,10)
Speech, Hearing & Language Center (A,7)
Sports Medicine Clinic (J,2)
Stadium, Stagg Memorial (G,1)
Student Package Center (McCaffrey 2nd Fl: F,7)
Student Academic Support Services (Raymond Lodge: H,5)
Taylor Conference Room (William Knox Holt Library: G,9)
Tennis Courts (E,3)
Tiger Grocery (McCaffrey Center: F,7)
Tower, Robert E. Burns (G,10)
Tower View Apartments (H,9)
Townhouse Apartments, University (D,1)
University Police (Lower Level Cowell Health Center: B,5)
University Townhouses (D,1)
Weber Hall (F,9)
Welcome Center, Brandenburger (Burns Tower Lobby: G,10)
Wemyss House (G,4)
Wendell Phillips Center (H,6)
West Memorial Hall (Finance Center: F,6)
Westgate Management Center (Weber Hall: F,9)
Wilson Hall, George (G,5)
Wood Bridge, Donald B. (E,5)Z Building (I,4)
Zuckerman Field (J,1)

Administrative Offices
President’s Office (Anderson Hall: G,8)
Vice Presidents:
—University Advancement (Hand Hall: E,7))
—Provost’s Office (Anderson Hall: G,8)
—Student Life (Hand Hall: E,7)
—Finance (Finance Center: F,7)
Admissions (Knoles Hall: F,8)
Alumni Relations (Hand Hall: E,7))
Center for Intercollegiate Athletics (J,2)
Buildings and Grounds (Physical Plant: C,4)
Development (Hand Hall: E,7)
Financial Aid (Knoles Hall: F,8)
Holt Atherton Depart. of Special Collections (Library: G,9)
Housing (Bannister Hall: F,5)
Human Resources (H,6)
Information (Burns Tower: G,10)
Marketing and University Relations (Hand Hall: E,7))
Office of Information Technology (H,6)
Registrar (Knoles Hall: F,8)
Spanos Center Office (I,3)
Student Advising (Raymond Lodge: H,5))
Student Activities (McCaffrey Center: F,8)
Student Life (Hand Hall: F,7)
Tours of Campus (Burns Tower: G,10)

College, School and Department Headquarters
College of the Pacific (Wendell Phillips Center: H,6)
—Art Department (K,4)
—Biological Sciences (Classroom Bldg: K,6)
—Chemistry (K,6)
—Communication Arts (J,4)
—Economics (WPC: H,6)
—English (WPC: H,6)
—Ethnic Studies (WPC: H,6)
—Film Studies (WPC: H,6)
—Geoscience (K,4)
—History (WPC: H,6)
—Mathematics (Classroom Bldg: K,6)
—Modern Language & Literature (WPC: H,6)
—Philosophy (WPC: H,6)
—Physics (Classroom Bldg: K,6)
—Political Science (WPC: H,6)
—Psychology (J,4)
—Religious & Classical Studies (WPC: H,6)
—Sociology (WPC: H,6)
—Speech-Language Pathology (A,7)
—Sport Sciences (Main Gym: G,6)
—Theatre Arts (J,5)
Center for Professional and Continuing Education (Burns Tower: G,9)
Conservatory of Music (Faye Spanos Concert Hall: H,10)
Business, Eberhardt School of (Weber Hall: F,9)
Education, Gladys L. Benerd School of (H,6)
Engineering & Computer Science, School of (Baun Hall: F,7)
Graduate Studies and Research (Knoles Hall: F,8)
International Studies, School of (George Wilson Hall: F,5)
Pharmacy and Health Sciences, Thomas J. Long School of (B,9)